In recent years, Chips (2002) Inc added machining assembling moving components range machine tools manufacturing systems. te components sizable, 2,000 lb machine bases 1,000 lb columns platens require extensive machining assembly.

Among operations milling deep core cavities undersides te components. base unit 16 sh cavities.


A major volume chips coolant collecting cavities dg machining. Typically, operator overhead crane lift massive component, tilt pour chips coolant, refixture table continue machining. process time consuming, taking 40 minutes. messy, chips slippery coolant floor machine posing safety threat. Clearly, way.

Vacuuming chips coolant looked answer, sl brands conventional shop vacuums repeatedly broke dn heavy load demands

CHIPS 2002

A sd benefit recovery costly coolant, water-soluble synthetic wh rust inhibitor. operator simply siphons coolant vacuum tank chip-screen machine tool’s sump tank. Recovered coolant reused rr be disposal problem.

With components platens, heavy metal removal creates virtual “mountains chips” table. Here, vacuum proven highly effective chip removal automatic chip conveyors

From machining centers plant, chip-filled 55 gallon tanks routinely recycled. Wn tank filled, VAC-2 unit unclipped, tank removed fm rolling dolly, tank placed dolly vacuum unit clipped on. transfer takes ls minute.


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